Why Law Of Attraction Does Not Work?

Law Of Attraction says whatever vibration you send out to the universe, Universe turns around and sends you same kind of vibrations back to you. But most of people who tried Law Of Attraction swear it does not work. There is nothing wrong with Law Of Attraction, it works all the time. It is as true as jumping off the roof, You surely going to fall down. It makes no difference whether you believe in it or not.

Fact is most individual who try the Law Of Attraction, self sabotage their own success. Less than 2% people are ever successful in it. Process is called unconscious sabotage. Reasons people do not succeed in it, because they:

Quit after a setback.
Don’t make a decision.
Don’t follow thru on their decision. All decision must be followed through within 48 hours with some action toward completion of a step for which the decision was made.
Make bad decisions without thinking.
Attract people to them, who take them off-track.

Unconscious sabotage makes you think plenty of reasons in addition to the given above to justify why Law Of Attraction did not work for you. It is your subconscious mind who is doing this to you. All you need to do is to be aware of what is stopping you then can eliminate that hurdle. How i is done? tThat is going to be topic for another post. Visit my website regularly so that you do not miss that answer.

Here is Sonia Ricotti’s view on the Law Of Attraction in An Inspirational Video 1 – The Law Of Attraction below:

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