When Attitude Is Right Facts Don’t Count

To understand this, let us consider what is called fact. Facts are merely opinions, which someone believes as facts. The people see the circumstances as facts based on their perception. Our brain believes the circumstances as facts based on its previous experience or available current data.

Suppose you go to a doctor. He asks history of sickness. He guesses what might be ailing you based on information you provided. Let us say you went to him because of hives all over the body. During history you told him you ate spaghetti and meat balls and you started to get hives. He believed you told him fact and he assumed you are allergic to either spaghetti or meat balls. Even you did not know that chef had used the pan for cooking your dish, was used before for warming clams dish. There was little bit of clam sauce left in it. So when prepared spaghetti and meat ball for you, the clam sauce left over in pan gave you the allergic reaction. In the mean time you told doctor the facts as you knew and he concluded based on the information you provided. It was his opinion that you are allergic to either spaghetti or meat balls, which he believed as fact. Now consider this both you and doctor, both were stating the facts, at least to the best of your knowledge, but in reality both were stating opinions based on your belief. Opinions don’t matter. So one should not believe even if things look different, instead should form any opinion only after collecting all information and then analyzing them.

So keep an open mind till you get all information and discern that it is correct information before believing it to be fact. That is attitude you should have approaching any situation. Then there will be no setbacks in your journey to succeed. This is also a success principle if mastered properly by conscious effort and incorporated in your subconscious mind as unconscious competence, will enhance your capabilities to succeed.

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Video below explains how our brain decides to make what we see as facts:

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