What You Can Learn From Red Paper Clip Story

A guy with one red paperclip started doing bargains with other people. He traded red paper clip for a fish shaped pen, then sculpted door knob to fueled Coleman camp stove to Honda generator to instant party to a 2 person snow mobile to 2 person trip to British Columbia to a Cube Van to recording contract in Tokyo to spending a afternoon with Alice Cooper to kiss a motorized snow globe to role in Donna on Demand to a two-story farmhouse in Kipling, Saskatchewan. All this he did in one year span of time by crafting all these trades very ingeniously.

There are number of lessons to be learned from this story:

• To succeed in anything it does not matter how humble or small your beginning is.
• It pays to be persistent and stay in the path of success.
Money is not necessary for getting anything.
• It pays be creative and make other person feel that they need what you have.
• God or Universe is great, “You shall RECEIVE what you ASK.” Remember even your mom didn’t gave you food unless you asked when you were little.
Value is based on the perception of value in the eyes of beholder or person who desire certain thing.
One man’s trash may be a great treasure for other.
Being resourceful is more important than the resource itself.
Time is irrelevant; when you get into momentum success usually happens quickly.
Luck is created. You are not born lucky.
Where there is will, there is a way.
Universe brings circumstances, people and events in your path based on the vibrations you send out to it.

A YouTube video – “OneRedPaperClip ABC 20/20” by Ryan what a story on what you Can achieve if your mind is set on doing something:

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