What Friends Last For Ever?

Friendship does not have boundaries of nations you belong, religion does not matter, color makes no difference, opinion does not fade it and habits of individual person have no effect.

If you are a real friend only few conditions apply like:

• Your friendship is able to withstand disagreements.
• You support each other unconditionally.
• You celebrate each other’s achievement without any jealously.
• Friends respect each other’s confidentiality, if the friend wants.
• Friendship is real without any pretenses.
• Friends accept you the way you are.
• There is unwavering trust

Nothing else is that important and if you have friendship like that, then that friend is a keeper for ever. So please chose your friend wisely and they will help you succeed!

Don’t lose that kind of friendship; you will help succeed thru all phases of life!

A YouTube Video “Qualities of a true friend” by David Johnson Oragui describes characteristics of a true friend:

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