Ways To Make Law Of Attraction Work

In Law Of Attraction, like attracts like. It is true. So if you have to get abundance in your life, you must send vibrations of abundance in your life to the Universe. Since the events all over the world are so negative it is not easy to create feeling abundance in your life. There are quite a few ways of creating the feeling of abundance in life but here are three important one:

• Start your day with Gratitude is most important. When you arise in morning start your day by saying “THANK YOU.” Saying these two words set you up for whole day of gratitude feelings. You can follow these words with anything you like “thank you for waking me up healthy and giving me another day in wonderful world to enjoy my life.”
Carry actual money with you all the time. Again it does not matter how much money, so long it is real money. This will make every part of you vibrate the feeling that you always have money, which will be a true statement because you are making sure you carry some money on you. Start in the beginning with whatever denomination you can afford. This will allow your sub-conscious mind to make a shift from scarcity to abundance mentality. You can increase denomination amount you as you will start feeling abundant.
• Next thing to do is mentally spending the money you carry without actually spending it. This way you can spend again and again. Just visualize the spending in your mind’s eye. Spend it on whatever you desire. If you feel lack of money just touch the money you are carrying. This will reassure your sub-conscious mind that you always have the money available.

Doug Graham explains in YouTube video entitled – How I used the Law Of Attraction to get money: $3000 in three days with three simple steps below:

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