Ways To Increase Productivity

To be successful one has to be able to complete their goals in a reasonable time, so that they can feel excited about accomplishing their goals. I have few ideas to increase productivity which can help people reach their goals quicker:

• During your waking time there are certain periods you are more productive than others. Find out when you are more productive and use that slot of time to do what you need to do the most important work.
Forget about doing those tasks that are not important in current time. This removes unimportant tasks from chores to be done and saves more time to do important tasks.
Get rid of tasks which do not like to do by doing them first and getting them out of way. This gives you opportunity to concentrate on things which you really love to do.
Set goals for your active time period. Once you have planned the priorities the way you want you can really start finishing them.
Remove distractions when you doing a task so you can accomplish what you want.
Do similar tasks in one time-slot. It saves lot of time by not going back and forth between dissimilar tasks.
Give set amount of time slot for even similar tasks following a certain sequence and whatever is left do it in next day in the same time slot.
Set a goal how much work must be finished in a particular allocated time. Keep achieving more than your target.
• Certain task when finished makes you actually finish bigger part of the task. That part usually is 20% of effort needed. Do that first; it will make you feel you accomplish a lot. Here is the fact that 20% of actions produce 80% of results.
Delegate some of work to others recognizing their ability to the job. It not only gives you free time to do more things, it also increases your productivity by doing what you love to do more.
Set a deadline for endpoint in a task really helps you focus. It makes you feel that task is necessary and will get it done.
• Important to learn various other ways which help you do everything little faster.
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A YouTube video – “6 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity” By Brian Tracy gives some guidance to increase productivity:

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