Want To Achieve Success Be Like Successful People

Best way to be an achiever is to be in the company of the people who are achievers themselves. My mentor always said you want to be like anyone shadow them. Just as a green tomato ripens when put in the same basket as ripened tomato in matter of a little time, same way you will change as the successful person when you have opportunity to observe them and you are in their company. There are number of ways you can be like them:

Become an apprentice with a person you like to become. This is probably the best way. This way you observe them. You learn the way they do things and do it the same way in your life.
• Read their autobiographies and imitate what they did when they were in the same stage in life as you are now.
Listen to motivating audio, videos, and webinars representing the life of people you want to be like.
Attend live seminars given by those persons.
Learn and follow their habits.
• Create a discipline in your life same way, they have in theirs.
• In short time you will become like them, a successful person yourself!

“Daily Habits of Successful People: It’s all about Routine” YouTube video by Brian Tracy gives good overview:

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