Uses Of Aloe As Home Remedy

Today I am going to vary from regular topic on success principles. This post is going to about Aloe plant’s health benefits.

Botanical name is Aloe Vera. Most of uses are well supported in literature. But for any serious condition consulting a practitioner is always best advice. It has multiple uses in various conditions like:

• Burns blisters
• Cleansing Juice
• Clear sinuses by inhaling vapors
• Cuts
• Detoxification
• Eczema, inflammation and psoriasis
• Face acne
• Hair conditioner jell
• Heals digestive tract
• Improves cardiovascular performance and stamina of individuals
• Insect bites and allergic reactions
• Kidney stone prevention
• Reducing high blood pressure
• Prevention of Candida infections
• Promotes healthy teeth
• Protects body from stress
• Reducing arthritis pains
• Skin injuries
• Skin hydration
• Stabilizing blood sugars
• Strength gum
• Sun burns
• Supporting immunity
• Vitamins and minerals
• Wounds

• And many more ailments

This can be easily grown in a pot. My suggestion is everyone should grow it in their home. Its fresh juice or jell can be very effective on minor burns if used fresh and immediately when burn happens. For serious burns it may not be enough. For serious burns please go for the doctor’s care. It is available as refrigerated bottle in most of grocery stores all over America, Canada and Europe.

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Ela Gale in a YouTube Video – 10 ways I use Aloe Vera –Love this stuff!! Explains what she uses It for:

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