Use Positive Body Language

Be aware of your body language when you are in touch with other people, especially they can help or hinder your success. Pay attention to your expressions, gestures and tone of voice. People are drawn like ants to sugar with interpreting of wrong body language. Positive body language can make a big difference in your success.

Kind of positive body language examples you should consider in your conversation with others are:

• An enthusiastic tone of your voice.
• Positive eye contact
• Positioning of shoulders.
• Movement of hands and feet.
• Uncrossing of arms.
• Positioning of legs.
• Leaning towards the person who is speaking.

These hints should help you maintain a positive body language in your conversation and make the outcome of it very positive.

A YouTube video – “Body Language Do’s & Don’ts – Good Manners.” by Howcast, have some good hints about body language:

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