Use Of Music To Relieve Stress

It is fascinating t understand how the music relaxes the stress in human body. Every item in the universe responds differently to different musical notes. Some notes when played can cause glass to break while others to produce rippling effect in water, which gives you feeling of tranquility.

Emotionally music can give people way out to express themselves. It can profoundly affects their psych and relax them. It can get you out of dole drum of life and motivate you enjoy the life. That is why in Sikh religion prayers in temple done with music. That music changes your state of mind and let you connect directly to the GOD (Waheguru Ji), if one sets up in their mind to do so. Energy in the temple changes with that music. That music is healing.

Everything is vibrations in this universe. One has to give themselves permission to immerse in those musical vibrations. It is a challenge to do so, but with right concentration it is possible to achieve that state.

Let us make this discussion and express your feelings about music and how it has affected your life. Please e-mail me your take on the topic at I will then compile those feelings and make it a post to share with our groups so that everyone can benefit from it.

Shabad Gurbani Kirtan – Seven Shabads Video is good example:

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