To Have Knowledge And Not To Apply It Is Not Knowing It

Confucius said “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

By this quote he means that if you learn knowledge and do not apply it; it is equivalent of not knowing it. You cannot master a skill by just knowing about it. You must use the knowledge you attained to apply in real life, then and only then you can become a master of that skill. When you apply what you have learned then you get experience and understanding of the processes in the skill. That is only thing that matters if you want to be the master of the skill.

You can get knowledge from masters of the craft like basketball from Michael Jordan, Jeet Kun Do from Bruce Lee, stock investment from Warren Buffet, football from David Bekham and boxing from Muhammad Ali, it will not make you the master until you actually practice it.

So conclusion of this thought is it does not matter that how vast your knowledge of the subject is, only thing matters, are you applying that knowledge? To know and not to apply the knowledge is not knowing at all.

YouTube Video “Student Voices-Application of knowledge” a Wharton Undergrad tells about how they apply what they learn in school:

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