The Shakti Summit 2016

In short Shakti Summit is about heart, sensuality & spirit
As a woman, you have access to a wellspring of boundless love, spiritual wisdom and sensual vitality.

When we draw from from this deep source, we are powerful and passionate, and our lives are filled with possibility…

However, our cultural messages, life circumstances and internal limitations can separate us from our feminine essence.

We disconnect from ourselves and those around us — even those who matter most.

During these isolating times, you might feel a significant drop in energy — losing touch with what animates and enlivens you… your vibrant light dims. You might also experience a dip in your creative self-expression, feeling depleted and uninspired.

The good news is, there’s a way to reconnect with the gifts of your natural feminine essence— a path back to a life of open-heartedness, abundant joy and ecstatic sensuality.

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