The Self Reliance Summit 2016 Day Two

The Nathan Crane starts the second day of The Self Reliance Summit by interviewing Maryam Henein, who spans 15-year career as an investigative journalist, entrepeneur, and producer. She hit a milestone with the release of her award-winning documentary Vanishing of the Bees, narrated by Ellen Page. It also marked her directorial debut. Maryam’s other credits include programs for the BBC, Discovery, Robert Greenwald, and Morgan Spurlock—plus, she co-wrote and hosted a program for TLC about the Ark of the Covenant.


The topic she discussed here refers to Secret Life of Bees/ CCD Then And Now. She talks about the honeybees, secret life of bees, systemic pesticides, parellels between bees and auto immune sufferers, CCD then and now around the world, the poisoning of our planet due to spraying in air planes, fumigation at borders in central america, and what to do about it.

Todays second interview is with Brad DeRosia. Brad once lived the life of a rockstar playing in front of millions of people (opening for global figures such as the Pope) and has several top 10 CCM hits. Now Brad has become obsessed with all things needed for self sufficient living. You may know Brad from his popular website and youtube channel “Big Family Homestead” where he share videos like “how to start a fire with a guitar pick”, “How to make an $8 goat pen” and more.


Brad’s interviews entails journey on his transformation From Rockstar to Bee Keeper and Homesteader. How my family went from a hit band on the radio playing for the Pope, to being obsessed with self sufficient living. A family of nine learns how and why we all need to be homesteaders on some level.

You can watch both interviews for free here

Replays are available free to watch for period of 48 hours.

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