Teachability Index In Realation To Success

After understanding discussion on who you listen to, the next step in process of success is teachability Index. It has to b at the highest level to be able to succeed.

What is teachability index? It has two parts:

• Willingness to learn
• Willingness to change

You have to be open minded to what is being told to you. It does not matter how farfetched it may seem to you at the current time or in present situation. That does not mean you have to agree with that also. Just be an open minded to listen to it, then discern on it to see if that scenario can be applied to your situation.

Once you find that it can be applied to your situation and in a way that can make you achieve what you intend to, then you should be ready and willing to apply to your situation. In short you should be willing to change and adapt to the situation as needed.

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