Take Responsibility For What Is In Your Life

We the humans have been trained to blame someone else or circumstances throughout our lives. We have blamed everyone else in the existence for whatever bad things happen to us. If somebody becomes alcoholic, they say that their parents or their friends were alcoholics or they became so desperate that they had to resort to drinking. That is why they started drinking and became alcoholic. Idea is they blame whole universe and their mother to be responsible for the bad habit they cultivated themselves. This is called mysticism. If they wanted, they could have easily chosen to take responsibility for the bad habit they were developing and made a decision to not continue it. At the least they could have made decision to keep in moderation and then slowly stopped it in near future.

But that could have happened if they had decided to take responsibility for their action in their own life. Their life would have a very positively affected by their decision. It could be any bad habit not necessarily the alcoholism. I am Just talking about anything that ends up destroying your life, your dreams.

Here is very easy solution for all this:

Stop blaming others for things happening in your life.
Take responsibility for everything in your life.
• Once you know and understand that you have done this thing to yourself it is easy thereafter.
• Now you don’t like what is happening in your life and you are responsible for it.
Make a decision to change all that what is wrong and go for it.
• Since you are person responsible. You made it happen. You have all the power to change it.
• There is nothing in this universe to stop you from straightening your life.
• Remember you are in control.
• It is your life and you are captain of your ship. You wreck it or steer it on to beautiful resort.

With best wishes for your success in your dream life!

Oprah on taking responsibility for your life has the same view in this 2 minute video:

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