Take One Hundred Percent Responsibility For What Is Happening In Your Life

When someone treats you bad or bullies you, it is not that person’s fault. It is you who should take responsibility. You got dealt with a bad card in your life, because of your own inaction. If you did not responded passively when that person was treating you bad, you would not have set precedent for other people to treat you badly. Since you acted passively to first bad treatment by someone you sort of gave an open invitation to next person you interact with to be bad to you. They saw your passive response and decided that they can get away doing the same to you again. Had you not acted passively, but acted assertively and let the person know at the first instance or may be took yourself away from the situation and decided not to be victim, next person would not have thought the doing similar thing to you again because you will not be worth their while and left you alone.

Moral is stand up for yourself and don’t let others to think that they can belittle you and treat you badly. You will see it will build a self confidence in you and you will be successful in most circumstances. So please work on your responding methods to any situation. It will change your life for better.

A YouTube video – “How can I be 100 percent responsible for my experience?” made by Russ Littau The Healing center shed some light on above thought:

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