Did You Miss Seeing The Food Revolution Summit?

If so, you can still get the recording of The Food Revolution Summit by going at this link

The sessions of the summit include super foods, anti cancer foods, general well being foods, GMO foods, Organic foods andĀ  many more topics . Its information can be used to combat diseases of all kind. Use of food as a medicine is also well explained. Losing weight segment is very well elaborated. Foods that can help you against various cancers like breast cancer and prostate cancer are also suggested. Cancer survivor who became as healthy food coach is also interviewed. It is well worth the price hundreds timeĀ  over. if you want to educate yourself about the foods and their benefits then it is must have item.

Here is the Link again

You can gift to the people you care about. It can be something you can pass on to your next generations.

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The Food Revolution Summit day 9

Today is the last day of The Food Revolution Summit 2016. Today’s agenda is summing up of the summit activity by John Robbins and Ocean Robbins.

Are GMO are necessary to feed the world? Answer is astounding NO.

Wonder crops promised to be growing in drought. Now the companies who used to say so have even stopped. It is a myth for the benefit of companies.

Fats and carbs demonized by the lobbiest are also myths. Chia, Linseed and flax seeds are lot more beneficials. Nuts are good for you. Avocado have healthy fats. Bottled oils and processed foods are not best for you.

Highest qualities of carbs include berries, and green vegetables and rich in anti-oxidants. Berry consists of elements that reduce the most of diseases.

Sugar and white flower are not good  and raking  on human health. Legumes are good source of healthy nutrients.

Organic food is not a luxury for elitist of the world. It is myth and it does not take much effort to create it.

You don’t need dairy products to get calcium.

Caryn Hartglass has new recipe called Orange Cream sicle

Ice Dream.Enjoy it and be healthy.

Are antibiotics are needed to produce more meat . Myth – It produces more resistant diseases.

Do you need one kind of dieting for everyone. It is also myth because each of us is more unique and respond differently to the foods they eat.

Eat foods all varieties, but in moderation. Plant foods are more complete and good for you.

You can watch day Fourth of the summit at The Food Revolution Summit

If you want to get recording of the food summit you can go here

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