Avoid Interaction With Arrogant People

People come with all kind of qualities in their personalities. Qualities which bring the negative vibes in your life because of interaction with them should be avoided and stayed away from. Just as you would avoid putting toxins in your bodies, I would prefer to keep the negative vibes of such people from my life. I will attempt to give you some ideas about qualities of such person’s one at time in future blogs.

Today’s topic is about arrogance as quality to be avoided. There is big difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence inspires you. Confident people accept other people’s confidence in them and encourage them. It is a positive vibration.

Arrogance is quality in the people who think they always know best. They think themselves to be superior to others. They will never be happy with confidence in you because it messes with their arrogance. This is a big time negative feeling and must be avoided. Try you best to stay away from the negative people with arrogance. They will hinder your success.

“The Difference Between Confidence and Arrogance” A YouTube video by Brian Tracy diffrentiate between confidence and arrogance:

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Negative Emotions To The Rescue

Usually everyone thinks that negative emotions will derail you and you must have positive emotions to counteract them. But sometimes it is not true.

Let us see, if I can clarify it. Suppose you get a negative emotion and you do not feel right about it. All that means is that your feeling is telling you that is not what you want. Don’t be afraid of the negative emotions. They help you focus on what you want. They also clarify what you really want. Just concentrate on that thought. Take action based on your clarified thought. Success is waiting for your action so that it can give you results you desire. Just remember without action there is no success. It does not matter whether you have negative or positive feeling; it is the action which will brings you success.

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