Use Money As A Vehicle

Everything in this universe is energy. Energy must flow. Same way as life energy qi (CHI) flows in human, the environmental qi also must flow. Whenever energy does not flow it means the death. There are different names for this energy. From times way back this flow always been from universe (GOD) to earth through you(Humans) and from earth to universe through you (Humans) and cycle continues. Chinese culture discusses this in detail. What I understand of this, in layman’s terms, to get more money your must also give more of it.

Let me simplify with example. Suppose a car manufacturer makes well engineered car, which looks beautiful, and you as customer buy that car from dealer and as a gratitude for them doing such a great job you give him money. He takes that money and spends on research and development to make even better car. Rest of the money he gives to his employees for doing a great work. Some he keeps for his work for starting that company and his family. Some out of that money he spends on groceries and other necessities of life and rest he invests in some other company which in turn employs people like you. Cycle of the money is completed.

Whole purpose of money is to express gratitude. It is only a vehicle of energy flow from Universe to Earth and vice versa through a medium which is YOU. If you understand this principle then you should not hesitate to spend money knowing that it will come back to you 10 folds as energy flow back to you. The same principle works when you donate the money to help other needy people. That is how GOD takes care of people who take care of other fellow humans.

That is principle followed in SIKH religion when you are suggested to give DASWANDH (10 percent) of your earning to help the needy. This is one part all religious entities agree at. Every person may have different path to reach same goal. I have tried to give one basic principle of Sikh religion in as much as layman’s way as I could. I hope I have done some justice.

Here is Tony Robbins take on money. He authored the book named Money: Master the game. Here are his thoughts in video below:

All proceeds from selling the book go to feed the hungry. He is not making a cent out of it and neither do I. Please if you like what he says purchase the book. It is one of the best books written on multiplying the money. Insights in this book will help you and your future generations. So please consider buying that book from whatever source you like.If you like me to inform you where you can get it let me know at e-mail below.

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Take Care Of People Less Fortunate Than You

The GOD, Universe, Almighty or Whatever You believe in is the names for the same supreme being. We are all creation of THE ONE and are equal in all respects.

There is one trade in this universe you can never lose. That is trade of giving to the less fortunate. Does not matter what you believe in, if you give with the feeling you are doing service to the GOD by serving his people. He looks upon that with kindness and rewards you ten folds. Your thoughts should be on service not on rewards. In my culture it is called Nishkam Seva (selfless service). So find a hungry person and feed him and or his family this season and do not expect anything back. But GOD will surprise you with lot more than you can expect. It does not even matter how much you give so long you give whole heartedly. Do not show off that how much more you are spending in giving. Anonymous giving is even better. But give it to really needy people instead of giving to organizations where most of your donation goes on to pay big salary of the office bearers. Grass root organizations that take care of needy are better choices. Giving on the basis of need, and not based religious convictions of the receiver is best choice, because we are all children of the GOD.

GOD Bless You All!

Sikh Community does this every day in their Gurdwaras (Temples) as shown here in video:

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