Will Power An Other Step On The Success Ladder

Will power is making a decision and going ahead to do it. Like if someone is alcoholic and he decides to quit. All he has to do is follow through and quit. It is so simple to say but sometimes very difficult to do it. Whether you are able to do it or not, depend on only one thing that is, WILL POWER. Not everyone has will power. It is like a habit and can be acquired by anyone. Here is how?

Take small steps to create it. Decide with something that will not make you look like a failure. Suppose you take five alcoholic drinks in a day, which is quite a bit. To reduce them to four and half drinks, first day reduce by quarter drink, you wouldn’t fell that bad. Do it for few day with four and three quarter drinks till start felling OK with this reduction. Give yourself pat in the back for encouragement and reduce the next quarter from the drinking. Don’t forget to recognize that you did it. It will give you confidence that you did it.

Just keep doing that till it becomes a habit and you keep doing it without thinking about it. Every time you do it will increase your will power to other things in life also. Same things can be done for weight loss and other similar situations. All you need is motivation to create a habit of being successful in any situation. That will give you healthy dose of will power every time you succeed.

“Willpower – Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower” By Actualized.Org gives methods of building the willpower:

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Sweet Spot In Goal Making

To achieve your goal quickly it must be in your sweet spot. That is what I was told by my mentor. What is sweet spot? Any goal which is big enough to excite you but at the same time small enough to achieve with a little additional effort. Remember it must also require a little extra umph. That goal is in your sweet spot. Having goals like these will set you up on the road to success. Every time you achieve goal like this you will be motivated to achieve more goals.

So to be successful you must start with small goals which are in your sweet spot. Doing so will catapult you into reaching your ultimate goal. You will enjoy the process. You will put in lot of work, but it will not feel like a work. Success will exude out of your every action. There will nothing that will be able to stop you.

Natalie Sisson gave this explanation for creating a sweet spot in business in video below:

as always if you need any further assistance please email me at I will be happy to respond. You may also leave a comment. I will always read and do my best to answer.

Secret To Success From Earle Nightingale

Cheerful expectancy and Hoping or wishing something is going to happen, are two different things. Success does not come from looking through colored glasses. When you know it is going to occur, it is only because of cheerful expectancy. It comes from having knowledge obtained by studying your field, whether it’s Internet marketing or medical field and completely immersing yourself in it. Knowledge gives you confidence. Confidence motivates you and you feel like taking action to succeed.

If you want to be an expert on anything, you have to give it at least an hour a day for reading up on it consistently. Knowledge gives you the confidence and belief to have that positive expectancy, which in turn determines your results.

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