Experiential Enneagram practices to embody your potential

The Enneagram is far more than just a tool for understanding your personality type…

In fact, it’s one of the world’s most influential psychological and spiritual typing systems — one that has the capacity to accelerate your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

And there’s no one better to guide you in essential practices which activate the transformative power of of the Enneagram — so you can embody your potential — than Jessica Dibb.


On Wednesday, September 28, this respected consciousness teacher, breathwork trainer and Enneagram “depth teacher” is presenting a FREE event hosted by the Shift Network: The Experiential Enneagram: 3 Practices for Opening to More Love, Wisdom & Presence.

Learn more and secure your place for this important event here

In the Experiential Enneagram, you’ll learn how experiential Enneagram practices can help liberate you from the limitations of your “type” and infuse the essential qualities of love, wisdom, and presence into your daily life.

In this free event, Jessica will share:

• Insights into how the nine domains of Enneagram can help you expand your personal growth, human potential and spiritual development
• An easy practice for actualizing more loving kindness and compassion to all
• A new orientation to wisdom that is tri-centered — somatic, heart, and cognitive — resulting in more accurate guidance
• Shifts that allow you to become “fearlessly present” by daring to contact your full power in each moment

We hope you’ll join us for this illuminating hour-long free event!
When you register for The Experiential Enneagram: 3 Practices for Opening to More Love, Wisdom & Presence — featuring renowned teacher Jessica Dibb — you’ll also receive the audio recording of the event.

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Success Follows The Ability To Discover Solutions

Successful person has an uncanny ability to find solutions to the situations when they arise in the journey to reach their goals. They know those are minor road blocks they must remove before they can achieve success. They have ability to connect the dots into the future to find the solutions. That is done by connecting to the infinite source of wisdom, the Universe by their sub-conscious mind. They draw that knowledge from the universe. It is a natural ability bestowed by the Almighty God on geniuses of the world.

This ability can also be learned by fine tuning your thought patterns in the sub-conscious mind. You need to clear your mind from clutter of the negativity and hone it to connect with GOD. When You mind is clear it will be given excess to the limitless knowledge the GOD or Universe whatever you believe in, have for you.

The latest religion of the world Sikhism have all the methods to achieve that well inscribed in their holy book, we call The Guru “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.” Anyone interested can find those qualities in them through the understanding they can attain by studying that religion.

A YouTube video – “Nishkam – Life, Love and Service: A Sikh perspective.” Gives good explanation on how to achieve the state after which you can connect to the Universe:

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Fear, What Is It Anyway?

Ever thought of this thing called fear? Remember when you are about do something and a thought comes in your mind, I will not be able to do it. Or what others will think of that. May be it is not worth the effort. All these thought are signs of fear. It is your sub-conscious mind stopping you from achieving success.

Alex Beadon, a successful entrepreneur and blogger was explaining in one of her chatty Tuesday video that there is nothing called neutral thought; it is either fear or love.

Fear as I said above is a negative thought which keep from succeeding by creating a moment of hesitation in doing something. Let us see if we can figure out a way to eliminate fear.

You can not eliminate a fear. You can make it ineffective by replacing it with thoughts of love (Positive thoughts). It works the same way as removing air from a bottle. You can’t remove it, unless you replace with something else like water. So air can be removed only by filling space with water. Same is true about fear; replace it with thought of love (positive thought). Then there is nothing to stop you from succeeding.

“How To Overcome Fear” by Brendon Burchard explains about it:

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Achieving Happiness

We all want happiness. We keep on not getting it, Why is it so? Let us discuss all points and see how can we try to resolve the sticking issues on the topic?

Happiness can be defined as feeling of delight and peace with yourself and with others. You just feel blessed. People also feel happy when they achieve certain goals in their life and accomplish things like getting married to the person they love. Make a family with children of their own.

As we get things we want, we start thinking of the things we want to own and achieve thinking that is going to make us happy. Unfortunately that starts a vicious cycle of unhappiness instead. Then we start thinking how can we get out of our responsibility to our own family and children. We start looking for excuses to blame the whole world around us. We start manipulating the normal conversation of our loved ones and start blaming them for everything so that we can set us free of our doing by breaking up. This is fault of our ingrown attitudes the way our life has taught us from previous experiences. We start forcing our will on our spouses or friends making us look like we are only correct person and always others are to be blamed. In your heart you will always know that you are wrong. Who are we kidding? GOD doesn’t look at this behavior favorably. HE then creates circumstances, opportunities and brings the people in our lives, which may look to us as right people for the moment, actually end up giving us more grief and un-happiness in our lives.

A best course of action according to what I know is that we should introspect us. Find what our actions and reactions in life are doing to us. Take responsibility for our behavior instead of living life of mysticism, in which we blame others. Play understanding game by putting yourself in other person’s shoe. When it dawns on us that maybe we can be wrong. Then be human and own your mistakes and correct them.
Love, happiness and bliss in life don’t come by triggering your spouse to react and making them look like they are at fault. It comes in your life by doing right things for you, your spouse and children, and family as a whole. Treat the others in the way you want them to treat you.

Love and happiness are very contagious. Give them open heartedly and without any stipulations or conditions. GOD will rewards you handsomely for doing right things. GOD may have delay in delivering your bliss but it will come if you are open to receive it. When you are blaming others for everything, you surely are responsible for creating that situation(Introspect). So be responsible for your actions and do the right thing. Your happiness depends upon it.

Three tips to a happy successful marriage YouTube video:

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The Strangest Secret

“Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal. If a man sets a goal for his future and achieves it then he is success, otherwise he is a failure.” Earl Nightingale

Let me explain the secret in the words of Earl Nightingale who is the original speaker of The Strangest Secret audio. He says:

  • Only one out twenty people succeeds, because other nineteen had no goals. A person without a goal is like a ship without a crew, captain, map or destination. That is why such a large percentage does not reach anywhere.
  • Human race is fixed in a way not to prevent strong from winning but to prevent week from losing. That is, what is called conformity in our society?
  • We become what we think about most of the time. This is strangest secret which is behind every successful person.

Disraeli said any human being with a subtle purpose in life, must accomplish it. Nothing can stand in the way of person who will stake even his existence to fulfill his goal. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that a man is what he thinks about all day long. William James said that human can alter their lives by changing what they think. If we think certain things are real, they will become real by growing connection with us and people around us through our habits and thoughts. Believe and succeed is the secret behind every success. Sauce in this is to think about it most of the time.

People who succeed don’t believe in circumstances. They look for circumstances they want. If they can’t find they make them. A person, who is thinking about his goals and goes about getting them, will get them. Other person who has no goals and is confused about what he wants will reach nowhere. His life is going to full of failures and misery.

As you sow so shall you reap is a good axiom to clarify it further. Lets us see an example of farmer. Land does not care what farmer plants in it. It returns the crop of whatever seed is sown on it.

Human mind also works the same way. It does not care what you think. It returns plenty of same things what you are thinking. Human mind is very fertile and it invariably gives us whatever we plant in it. If it is all true, then why people don’t use their mind to be successful more. Explanation is since we got it free along with other standard equipment at birth, we place no value to it. Things which are given to us for nothing we place no value on them and things we pay money for we value. But fact everything that is worthwhile is given to us for free by the universe. Our mind, our body, our soul and all other priceless things are given to us for free. Things we pay for are cheap. If anything breaks down we can replace them. But things we get for nothing like family, love and our body are priceless and can’t be obtained at any price. They are irreplaceable. We use our mind very little (about 10% of our ability) for the same reason.

You are what you think, because that is exactly where you wanted to be. What you are thinking now is going to be your future. It is up to you. You are in driver’s seat. Strangest secret is that human future depends upon how we use our mind for good or for bad. That is going to shape our success.

Now to be successful decide what you want. Think consistently how you can achieve it. Then work on getting it. It is that simple. In your mind’s eye see yourself what you will be doing when you reach your goal. Feel as if you are already doing it.

Here is YouTube Video on the topic:

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