Ways To Make Law Of Attraction Work

In Law Of Attraction, like attracts like. It is true. So if you have to get abundance in your life, you must send vibrations of abundance in your life to the Universe. Since the events all over the world are so negative it is not easy to create feeling abundance in your life. There are quite a few ways of creating the feeling of abundance in life but here are three important one:

• Start your day with Gratitude is most important. When you arise in morning start your day by saying “THANK YOU.” Saying these two words set you up for whole day of gratitude feelings. You can follow these words with anything you like “thank you for waking me up healthy and giving me another day in wonderful world to enjoy my life.”
Carry actual money with you all the time. Again it does not matter how much money, so long it is real money. This will make every part of you vibrate the feeling that you always have money, which will be a true statement because you are making sure you carry some money on you. Start in the beginning with whatever denomination you can afford. This will allow your sub-conscious mind to make a shift from scarcity to abundance mentality. You can increase denomination amount you as you will start feeling abundant.
• Next thing to do is mentally spending the money you carry without actually spending it. This way you can spend again and again. Just visualize the spending in your mind’s eye. Spend it on whatever you desire. If you feel lack of money just touch the money you are carrying. This will reassure your sub-conscious mind that you always have the money available.

Doug Graham explains in YouTube video entitled – How I used the Law Of Attraction to get money: $3000 in three days with three simple steps below:

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Why Law Of Attraction Does Not Work?

Law Of Attraction says whatever vibration you send out to the universe, Universe turns around and sends you same kind of vibrations back to you. But most of people who tried Law Of Attraction swear it does not work. There is nothing wrong with Law Of Attraction, it works all the time. It is as true as jumping off the roof, You surely going to fall down. It makes no difference whether you believe in it or not.

Fact is most individual who try the Law Of Attraction, self sabotage their own success. Less than 2% people are ever successful in it. Process is called unconscious sabotage. Reasons people do not succeed in it, because they:

Quit after a setback.
Don’t make a decision.
Don’t follow thru on their decision. All decision must be followed through within 48 hours with some action toward completion of a step for which the decision was made.
Make bad decisions without thinking.
Attract people to them, who take them off-track.

Unconscious sabotage makes you think plenty of reasons in addition to the given above to justify why Law Of Attraction did not work for you. It is your subconscious mind who is doing this to you. All you need to do is to be aware of what is stopping you then can eliminate that hurdle. How i is done? tThat is going to be topic for another post. Visit my website regularly so that you do not miss that answer.

Here is Sonia Ricotti’s view on the Law Of Attraction in An Inspirational Video 1 – The Law Of Attraction below:

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Why Your Dreams Don’t Materialize Part 1

In few posts that will follow this post, I will indulge myself into explaining the reason, behind why Law of attraction doesn’t work for lot of us. What we do wrong in realizing our dreams and how to correct it so that we can achieve them. I will explain one step per post till we go through all.

There is nothing wrong in having big dreams. All our lives we have been trained to worry about how. How we are going to achieve this? There is no way I can do this. Those are limiting factors in our thinking. What my family is going to say? There is friendly but negative voice of people surrounding us saying it is waste of time and energy. They will do their best to dissuade you from fulfilling your dreams. They will sound so good and caring. Lot of them might even be genuine and sincere about what they are saying. That is because of their own self limiting thinking.

Now here is alternative thinking on what you are facing here. Let us tackle it together. Consider dreaming and achieving are to different aspects and you need to separate them. When you are dreaming do not think about how you are going to make them a reality. If you can put how part of achieving on hold for a short little while and completely think what are you are dreaming. Imagine that you are in future and have already achieved that dream. See in your mind’s eye how your life became better because of the dream you realized. You will get excited about the dream and become motivated to take action towards completing it. This will bring thoughts in your mind and you will put forward the request to the universe through your vibrations of thought. Then universe will create circumstances, opportunities and bring to your life which will show you how part of the equation. Those things are not in your radar right now, but will appear at the right time.

To be continued ……….

Dream big just like the people in this video:

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Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Seven

Topic today for me is “LAW OF ATTRACTION” Basically law of attraction states that when you think about any circumstance, you send out vibrations representing that thought to universe and in return you get back to you a similar vibration from the universe. It means like attracts like vibrations. So whatever r you put out to the universe, it turns around and sends same things back to you. It is similar to farming. What crop seed you put in ground same crop grows. If you sow wheat grains, you get wheat and if you sow Datura seeds it will grow Datura plant. One is edible and other is a poison.

No let us visualize that you get into an accident. To find why it happened to you, think what you were thinking about little while before that. If you think hard enough you will find out that you were thinking about something which gave you the same feelings which you had after accident. Thought might have come to your mind a moment before, a week before or a month before, it does not matter. Fact is you surely think about something which gave you the same feelings that you felt after accident.

Fact is universe have both kind of vibrations, positive as well as negative. To have abundance in your life, you need to replace the feelings of lack from your life. You can not eliminate the negative feeling that easy. You should start thinking about positive thoughts. Universe will match your vibrations and start sending you positive vibrations. You will start thinking more and more positive thoughts. As your ball of positive energy becomes bigger and bigger, you will start feeling the changes happening in your life. You will have abundance in your life. Feelings of lack will go away. You will be changed person.

There is lot more to law of attraction than a little explanation I gave above. That I will like to save for later blogs. If you are interested to know more please leave your contact info in comment. I will be happy to follow up through your email.

Below I have added a YouTube video with some other person’s perspective on “LAW OF ATTRACTION”

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