Take Care Of People Less Fortunate Than You

The GOD, Universe, Almighty or Whatever You believe in is the names for the same supreme being. We are all creation of THE ONE and are equal in all respects.

There is one trade in this universe you can never lose. That is trade of giving to the less fortunate. Does not matter what you believe in, if you give with the feeling you are doing service to the GOD by serving his people. He looks upon that with kindness and rewards you ten folds. Your thoughts should be on service not on rewards. In my culture it is called Nishkam Seva (selfless service). So find a hungry person and feed him and or his family this season and do not expect anything back. But GOD will surprise you with lot more than you can expect. It does not even matter how much you give so long you give whole heartedly. Do not show off that how much more you are spending in giving. Anonymous giving is even better. But give it to really needy people instead of giving to organizations where most of your donation goes on to pay big salary of the office bearers. Grass root organizations that take care of needy are better choices. Giving on the basis of need, and not based religious convictions of the receiver is best choice, because we are all children of the GOD.

GOD Bless You All!

Sikh Community does this every day in their Gurdwaras (Temples) as shown here in video:

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Feel Blissfully Happy

First goal humans have in their lives is to make enough money so they can support themselves and their families. Once they reach there, they want to have a good status in the society. Next destination is recognition by their peers in the society. They want to leave a legacy, whereby their name is left behind and people remember them. When such an esteemed person is asked what they really wanted most in their life, answer always was, “To be happy.” So supreme goal of everyone’s life is being blissfully happy not wealth, status and recognition.

Here is my take on the situation. We are all going in life wrong way. Path which everyone follows to reach their ultimate goal is incorrect. Since all those material things are not real goal, we should change our thinking. I am not advocating that we should not achieve material things. They are necessary for our existence in this society. They are the basis of conformity in our society. In addition, we strive to do something which will make us happy and at peace with ourselves. If you achieve happiness in your life, the other things will automatically come to you. We do not need to go through sequence we follow every day. If we achieve happiness and contentment in our lives we will attract material things also.

Way to do it is:

• By being able to serve others. Among Sikh religion it is most valued quality.
Solve someone else’s situation and be a part of other’s happiness.
Help somebody in need. That person’s happiness and thankfulness will catapult you into sea of happiness.
• Find something you always like to do, like things which also add to your happiness. These will make you feel happy and get enough resources to make a good living. You will be able to take care of your responsibilities, be happy and you will enjoy the process. It will not feel like a work.
Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t just conform to society.

Ultimate achievement in life is to be happy. So why waste your short stay in this universe concentrating on things which in the end do not count toward your success. Even if you are in a really bad situation, think about how can you turn it around and make it a positive experience. Find out what is your calling. If you try with sense of how it can be of service to fellow humans. You will start enjoying your journey in life.

Principle of service to others is expressed in free kitchens run by Sikhs all over the world. Extreme example of selfless service shown in the YouTube video below:

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Who Are We?

This is very important question. Let’s delve into the subject and find some answers. Even though we belong to the animal kingdom on the tree of evolution, what differentiate us from rest of the animals? The biggest factor here is that we have mind and thinking power much more developed than other species. Our mind has two stages, Conscious mind and subconscious mind. Subconscious mind controls the automatic processes of our bodies. Conscious mind always trying to figure out various situations in our lives. It sets us apart from the rest by giving us capability of creation. We are value Creators. To be successful we need to use our conscious mind and develop the habit of value creation in everything we do. More we adapt to the concept of value creation, the more successful we will become.

There are few steps which will help us become value creators:
• Observation of whole picture of any situation.
• Integration of various data which we find during observation into pieces of picture.
• Putting various pieces together to solve a puzzle and in the process become value creators.
• Seeing whole picture together and draw inferences using conscious thinking.
That is what makes different from rest of the animal species. Value creation is what makes us human so that we can serve others. More we serve, more successful we become!

Here is how Alexandre Magninis trying to give you example of value creation in a YouTube video

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