Achieving Happiness

We all want happiness. We keep on not getting it, Why is it so? Let us discuss all points and see how can we try to resolve the sticking issues on the topic?

Happiness can be defined as feeling of delight and peace with yourself and with others. You just feel blessed. People also feel happy when they achieve certain goals in their life and accomplish things like getting married to the person they love. Make a family with children of their own.

As we get things we want, we start thinking of the things we want to own and achieve thinking that is going to make us happy. Unfortunately that starts a vicious cycle of unhappiness instead. Then we start thinking how can we get out of our responsibility to our own family and children. We start looking for excuses to blame the whole world around us. We start manipulating the normal conversation of our loved ones and start blaming them for everything so that we can set us free of our doing by breaking up. This is fault of our ingrown attitudes the way our life has taught us from previous experiences. We start forcing our will on our spouses or friends making us look like we are only correct person and always others are to be blamed. In your heart you will always know that you are wrong. Who are we kidding? GOD doesn’t look at this behavior favorably. HE then creates circumstances, opportunities and brings the people in our lives, which may look to us as right people for the moment, actually end up giving us more grief and un-happiness in our lives.

A best course of action according to what I know is that we should introspect us. Find what our actions and reactions in life are doing to us. Take responsibility for our behavior instead of living life of mysticism, in which we blame others. Play understanding game by putting yourself in other person’s shoe. When it dawns on us that maybe we can be wrong. Then be human and own your mistakes and correct them.
Love, happiness and bliss in life don’t come by triggering your spouse to react and making them look like they are at fault. It comes in your life by doing right things for you, your spouse and children, and family as a whole. Treat the others in the way you want them to treat you.

Love and happiness are very contagious. Give them open heartedly and without any stipulations or conditions. GOD will rewards you handsomely for doing right things. GOD may have delay in delivering your bliss but it will come if you are open to receive it. When you are blaming others for everything, you surely are responsible for creating that situation(Introspect). So be responsible for your actions and do the right thing. Your happiness depends upon it.

Three tips to a happy successful marriage YouTube video:

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Use Of Music To Relieve Stress

It is fascinating t understand how the music relaxes the stress in human body. Every item in the universe responds differently to different musical notes. Some notes when played can cause glass to break while others to produce rippling effect in water, which gives you feeling of tranquility.

Emotionally music can give people way out to express themselves. It can profoundly affects their psych and relax them. It can get you out of dole drum of life and motivate you enjoy the life. That is why in Sikh religion prayers in temple done with music. That music changes your state of mind and let you connect directly to the GOD (Waheguru Ji), if one sets up in their mind to do so. Energy in the temple changes with that music. That music is healing.

Everything is vibrations in this universe. One has to give themselves permission to immerse in those musical vibrations. It is a challenge to do so, but with right concentration it is possible to achieve that state.

Let us make this discussion and express your feelings about music and how it has affected your life. Please e-mail me your take on the topic at I will then compile those feelings and make it a post to share with our groups so that everyone can benefit from it.

Shabad Gurbani Kirtan – Seven Shabads Video is good example:

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Be thankful for anything that happens in your life. GOD (Waheguru Ji) has given us plenty of things to be thankful for. It is nature of universe that whatever makes us happy, it gives more of the same. Human mind is strong transmitter of vibrations. It is also a best receiver of vibrations that is available in this universe. Universe (Nature, GOD, Almighty or WHOSOEVER you believe in) send you back same vibrations, which you put in front of IT. So send good thought vibrations to IT and IT will return ten folds back to you. This means that whatever happens in your life is caused by you. You are responsible for both good things and bad things happening in your life. Then why not change things around. I want to empower you. Think about this, if you caused bad things in your life, it is with same ease you can change them and make it good things appear in it.

Here is what I would suggest. Start by giving gratitude prayers just for few minutes before you sleep and after you wake up. If you do it consistently you will start seeing more and more of good things happening in your life. Before you know things will come and happen that you can even think of. Lucky streaks will be part of you existence.

You could be thankful for lot of things:

• For air you breathe, no one can more than few moments without it and it is GOD given free item.
• For water, if you consider at cellular or intracellular levels, you made of 99% of it.
• For having a family and children giving you fulfilling life.
• For having good friends
• For giving you internet so you can be in touch with like minded people all over the world.
• And so on, your imagination is only limiting factor or not!

So let us be thankful and give gratitude daily and make our lives more happy and fulfilling.

Here are some examples of gratitude giving things in our life in video:

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