Empower Your Children to Live Their Greatest Dreams

Our children are literally the future of humanity. And in the face of so many global-level crises, it’s vital that we raise them well so they can meet these challenges and forge a future that reflects our highest and best vision for the world.

That means going beyond merely “good” parenting and instead becoming truly evolved and enlightened parents (and grandparents). Yet precious few of us received specific training for this level of conscious parenting.

Instead, our minds default to subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that undermine our efforts to raise happy, conscious kids.

There’s a better way.
Shelly Lefkoe, co-founder of the widely respected Lefkoe Institute, lights the path to how we can raise amazing, stellar human beings based on principles of self-actualization, unconditional love and real wisdom.


On Saturday, September 17, Shelly will share key insights that enable parents, teachers, grandparents and beloved allies to parent more consciously and effectively so our children can grow up wise and strong and live their greatest dreams.

This free teleseminar is called The Biggest Secret to Empowering the Children in your Life: How to Shape Beliefs for Happy, Conscious, Confident Kids.

The call is FREE, but you’ll need to reserve your space here:


During this virtual event, Shelly will share:

• The single most important thing that will ensure your child’s success and happiness throughout life
• The question you can teach your child to ask themselves that just might save their life
• How to raise a child free of the constraints that limit so many of us
• How to get your children to do what you want them to do (yes, really!)
If you’re eager to become a more confident and conscious parent –– and enjoy a better relationship with your child as a bonus –– know that it’s never too late!

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to raise happy, conscious and fulfilled children who become confident and loving adults.

These principles even apply with adult children!

And the good news is that this virtual event is free!


P.S. Here’s what others say about Shelly Lefkoe’s work:

Shelly [Lefkoe is] amazing. The information she shared with me changed my life! I no longer get stressed out on Sunday night thinking about my kid’s homework. I don’t have to scream to get results. I am now truly experiencing the joys of parenting and it is awesome.
— Jody Schwartz, Santa Barbara, California

Shelly is dynamic, informative and highly skilled in dealing with her participants’ most challenging parenting questions. I came away from her presentation with simple but profound tools for powerfully altering the ways that I interact with my kids.
— Julia Ritter, President of PTA

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The Self Reliance Summit 2016 Day One

Nathan Crane opens up The Self Reliance Summit with interview of Mick Dodge. The Mick is the legend in himself. The Mick stepped away from the isolation of modern life and followed his feet deep into the lands of the Olympic Mountains to remember, recover and re-store his relationship with what is ‘Wild’. The Mick Dodge TV Show has inspired over 6 million viewers to discover the forest Mick calls home. He and Earthgym co-founder Jacquie Chandler weave the connection of Mick’s walk with the geotourism opportunities by sharing the Earthgym practice at Workshops, EarthDays, Art Walks, Schools, Colleges, Classes, and Retreats since 1996.


Today’s discussion is The Art of Dodging and the Secret of IT. He spoke about the barefooting, being one with nature, learning things for oneself from nature and being in nature healed him from his suffering.

The next interview today is with Laurie Neverman. Laurie mixes the best of traditional skills and modern tech with a twist of humor to present self-sufficiency information in a way that makes sense to everyone. Laurie is the founder of CommonSense HomeSteading and provides valuable resources and information for living a more self reliant lifestyle.


John Crane and Laurie Neverman speak for The Permaculture Revolution. From backyards to deserts to degraded Midwestern farmland, Permaculture is revolutionizing food production. Learn how you can develop a healthy, productive ecosystem that heals the soil while producing a diversity of food. They discuss about mixing various crops so that top soil can be regenerated as we grow what we need.

You can watch both interviews for free here

Replays are available free to watch for period of 48 hours.

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Re-awaken Your Dreams

People want to have dreams and fulfill them. Let us talk about how to dream so that you start having them. Most people when they dream take their current circumstances into consideration and put limits on what they should dream. Now if you are financially struggling at the moment, you will not be able to dream big.

Here is a way to stretch your dreams and dream big. Imagine that you have won a multimillion dollar lottery and money is available for anything you can dream. Now you can dream anything you want without any limiting thoughts for your dreams

Next thing is to make the dream as real as possible. This means you should be physically in your dreams. If you are dream about BMW or Mercedes Car, go to the dealership. Sit in the car and take a picture with you sitting on driver seat. It sends vibrations to universe about your dream.
Make a dream board and put the picture on it. See it as often as you can. Things will start happening around you.

How To Make A Vision Board by Ceaser L. Rodriguez shows how to make a vision (dream) board:

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Create Your Destiny

Lesson to learn if you want to achieve your dreams is that you don’t “attract” things in your life, you when you create them; you activate the Law of Attraction. Activation brings more things in your life similar to the one you are creating. That is the reason things happen multiple times in the same way. Don’t we always say bad things happen in three’s? Because you created first bad thing and then started thinking about bad thing again which attracted more bad things to you. So to keep yourself in a lucky streak you should create good things with good vibrations. This will change your destiny in positive way.

In order to create things, you must:

Know exactly what you want. What is your chief aim?
• Have a singleness of the purpose.
Get obsessed with it.
• The feeling of definiteness will make you focus on it.
Focus will create an intense particle flow to activate it. What you need is an intense emotion focused on what you want.

This is what you need to achieve your dreams! “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.” Napoleon Hill

Caution, this method works for both positive as well as negative thoughts. If you do not want to create misery in your life, stay with positive thoughts only. Only good thing is if you create negative things and you realize that you don’t want it. Make a decision to change it, turn around it and covert same negative thing to a positive one. You are in control!

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Video below by Les Brown will show you how to do it. You can do it. Believe and get started. Your destiny is waiting for you! God Bless!

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