Sweet Spot In Goal Making

To achieve your goal quickly it must be in your sweet spot. That is what I was told by my mentor. What is sweet spot? Any goal which is big enough to excite you but at the same time small enough to achieve with a little additional effort. Remember it must also require a little extra umph. That goal is in your sweet spot. Having goals like these will set you up on the road to success. Every time you achieve goal like this you will be motivated to achieve more goals.

So to be successful you must start with small goals which are in your sweet spot. Doing so will catapult you into reaching your ultimate goal. You will enjoy the process. You will put in lot of work, but it will not feel like a work. Success will exude out of your every action. There will nothing that will be able to stop you.

Natalie Sisson gave this explanation for creating a sweet spot in business in video below:

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