Success Requires Clear Personal Goals

Most of people do not succeed in their life because they do not have clear, precise goals in their life. For example for plane to reach designated place in any country it must have specific airport to land on. Until the destination is defined exactly plane can’t reach it. Same way until you define your goal in life you can’t attain it.

So many people who do not make specific goals for their life, their years keep rolling by without any substantial success materializing in their life. They are like the plane without destination. They never succeed. Even if it may appear that they have succeeded in some things in their lives, their success are so minor that they don’t really matter in bigger scheme of things.

A realistic, specific goal can move you towards accomplishing it. Goal itself can motivate you. As you go near completing it, it excites you and fills you with energy and vigor to complete more hefty goals.
Best thing to do is to write your precise, specific clear goals on white paper with blue ink. Doing so gives it certain positive vibrations. Then you can focus your energy and talents on target. Energy goes where focus is and you will discover or make available the resources to complete your goals. This way success becomes natural conclusion. Set goals that are attainable and can be accomplished with slightly extra effort. They should be easy enough to accomplish and at the same time big enough to excite you also.

A YouTube video – “Goal Setting: How To Set Short-Term Goals That Will Transform Your Life” From 7 minute life gives how to set short term measurable goals:

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