Success Follows The Ability To Discover Solutions

Successful person has an uncanny ability to find solutions to the situations when they arise in the journey to reach their goals. They know those are minor road blocks they must remove before they can achieve success. They have ability to connect the dots into the future to find the solutions. That is done by connecting to the infinite source of wisdom, the Universe by their sub-conscious mind. They draw that knowledge from the universe. It is a natural ability bestowed by the Almighty God on geniuses of the world.

This ability can also be learned by fine tuning your thought patterns in the sub-conscious mind. You need to clear your mind from clutter of the negativity and hone it to connect with GOD. When You mind is clear it will be given excess to the limitless knowledge the GOD or Universe whatever you believe in, have for you.

The latest religion of the world Sikhism have all the methods to achieve that well inscribed in their holy book, we call The Guru “Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.” Anyone interested can find those qualities in them through the understanding they can attain by studying that religion.

A YouTube video – “Nishkam – Life, Love and Service: A Sikh perspective.” Gives good explanation on how to achieve the state after which you can connect to the Universe:

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