Spaced Repetition A Tool For Learning To Achieve Success

This is another cog in wheel of the success system. It means to repeat the activity or subject you want to learn at regular intervals spaced away from each other. It reinforces the information in your mind better. You should use this process of spacing so that material you want to master becomes divided, but is repeated more than once. This way you will spend same amount of time during learning any task but retain information better. Optimal spacing interval over 30 day period is about 6 days. It should also be repeated every few months so that it becomes part of your current subconscious mind. Spaced information allows variable encoding of your brain. That is how you retain it better. Our goal here is long term retention of information. You should become unconsciously competent in it.

Once you reach that state, it becomes a habit of you. You will not even have to think about it to accomplish success. Your subconscious mind takes over and you complete the task without ever thinking about it. See how important it will become as a tool in your success achieving arsenal.
Please use this tool to develop positive thoughts and ideas while you tread on your journey to succeed.

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Here is a video putting some light on spaced repletion method of learning:

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