Smile Or Be Sad Who Chooses For You?

Lot of people say, this person makes me feel sad, that person makes me happy. It is because we are letting our own feelings controlled by the actions of others. Like someone makes you happy when he does …… thing or she makes me feel very upset when she fights with me. Fact is you feel a response as an emotion to the action of others. It is not others who make you feel happy or sad; it is your sub-conscious mind which triggers that feeling in you based on the set of programs constantly running in your mind. You with proper training of your conscious mind can change your sub-conscious mind. Here is how:

Acknowledge that you feel whichever way, is automatic response of your sub-conscious mind and nothing more or less. Be aware of it. This will make a basis for change in your response.
• Suppose you don’t like your automatic response to certain stimulus from other people, then you should make a conscious effort not to react the way you do in spite of actions of others. You can consciously chose not to react that way by giving your brain a reason or explanation that will play down the other person’s action. It is tough in beginning, but as keep explaining to yourself and play down the actions of others, you will be successful in changing your response for good.
• Once you did that you will learn to respond to any actions of others after discerning and making the choice.
• This is only step needed to make you feel the way you want to feel without associating with how others treat you or interact with you. Now you are in control of how you feel.
Don’t blame others for how you feel, be in control of it and feel the way you want! It will make you great negotiator and successful in everything you do.

“Learning English-Lesson Twenty Two (The way you feel)”
a YouTube video gives different suggestions how you may answer each action from other person with a different answer and have different vibrations attached to each answer. Your response will control the way you feel:

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