Sleep Is Important To Be Successful In Life

Sleep is very important part of daily life. This is time when your mind rearranges all things that happened in the previous day and files at reasonable places in your brain so you can access them when needed. It is also the time your sub-conscious mind redirects the chemist part of your brain to fix the problems with various faulty processes in your body. In other words it cures the diseases in the body.

The ideal time when it happens is 10PM to 2AM every night. That is why it is important to sleep at the right time every day. There are few things you can do and don’t do so you can have good night sleep.

Here are things you should do:
• Learn to stay happy and avoid being depressed during day.
Create comfortable condition sleep inducing condition before you sleep.
• Stay as healthy as possible by natural ways with diet and exercise.
Avoid stimulating drinks like caffeine containing beverages right before sleep.
Have brisk walk little before sleeping and do some breathing exercising.
Avoid greasy and heavy oily foods before sleeping
Have the dinner early like 6 to 7PM at the latest.
Avoid watching TV or playing on computer in bed.
Spend some time with family in the bed telling bedtime stories. It builds good family relationships.
Avoid dosing off during day.
Dark atmosphere in bedroom also help inducing good sleep by initiating formation of melatonin in body.
• Make a routine for sleeping at same time every day to bring your body in rhythm.
• In case you gone through a time zone change skip your routine but make a immediate shift to new time zone time but keep the your sleeping time same but at new time zone times. This resets you body and let you adapt quickly.
Leave work at the work place.

If you do all those things right, chances are pretty good that you will be able to sleep well. If you are well rested you will succeed in everything as your mind will work well and you will be full of energy to tackle anything you set your mind to.

But all this does not mean that you will not have to do what it takes to be successful. It only means you will be better equipped because of what sleeping properly does for you.

“The benefits of a good night’s sleep-Shai Marcu” A YouTube Video by TEDEX gives reasons for good sleep:

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