Simple Way To Get Your Thoughts Unstuck

So many times it happens to all of us. When you may be in the middle of writing something, you get stuck in thought process. It does not matter how hard you try, you are not able to bring forth next thought to write. Flow of thinking just gets stuck. You cannot recall anything from memory.

Here is a simple solution to your this situation:

• Put the paper and pen down.
• In case you are using computer, take hands off the keyboard. Stop looking at screen.
• Look up, look left and look right.
• This will take you out of think mode of brain and will bring into search mode.
• Search mode of the brain is where you want to be in to get unstuck in your thought process.

Human brain works like a computer. Every moment when you are awake your brain receives billions bits of data. It stores the data in groups with quick view of relationship based on previous experience. Thought keep flowing when data is easily retrievable. When it is not you get stuck. That is reason you first have to get out of think mode and change to search mode. Procedure explained above is simplest way to do that.

We also get stuck in negative thoughts more often. In our routine life we talk about negative things more often than positive things. We can change that also by talking about positive things consciously.
Alison Ledgerwood in the video “Getting stuck in the negatives (and how to get unstuck)” explains about this stucking situation in our lives and how to get it unstuck:

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