Sikhs Serving Communities Where They Live

Sikh is only community based religion where no hungry man or woman is turned down. Every worshiper who goes in temple donates their time and money depending upon their capability to do that. The money donated is used for benefit of the community as a whole. Every day food is prepared by Sevadars (Volunteers) and given to people coming to Gurdwaras(Temples). Lunger(Community meal) is open to all humans regardless of their religious convictions. Nobody is ever turned down, period!

This is futuristic religion which teaches to respect women, help the needy and take care of all humans. The people from all walks of life and all countries are adopting it. If we follow the teachings in our holly book, which by the way is not considered a “book” but as a embodiment of the living GURU (teacher), there will be no fights among countries or regions. No one will go hungry. People from all different backgrounds will live harmoniously with each other. It is based on people taking care of people.

Below is video example of how we do all that without help of any politicians or government handouts:

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