Rules For Parenting American Way

As a parent you need to create certain habits in your children so that they can become self respecting, financially independent and one day the role models for their children. I read a detailed article about it which I will summarize here. According to that author considered following key points:

Set expectation early
Make independence the goal and set time limits
Teach good financial habits early
Savings is must and reinvesting should be central theme
Coach your grandchildren
Doing second job is not bad thing
Mentor them by example
• Teach them consistency, and tenaciousness till they complete their set goals

Teaching them these key things as early in life as possible will make them success magnets in their adult life.

A YouTube Video – “Why parents should start teaching their kids Now about money! – Ep.9” by Rachel Cruze tell parents about teach your kids about how to handle money as early as 6 year of age:

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