Remove Distractions When conversing With Others

When talking with other people it is very important to give one hundred percent attention to the conversation. Nothing turns you off more than someone receiving a text message or even a quick glance on the phone when they are in the middle of conversation with you. To get better results from the conversation you must provide your full attention to conversation at hand. Be in the present. Focus all you energy in conversation at hand. This way you can get most out of your conversation.

This is how successful people do:

Turn off your phone when you are in meeting or in conversation with anyone.
Be one hundred percent in the conversation.
Be in the present moment.
If you must take the phone or a message during conversation let the other party know in advance before the meeting that you have another pressing matter to deal at the same time and excuse yourself from the conversation if needed. That will be less offensive to others.
Immerse fully in conversation. It makes them more enjoyable and you can get most benefit out of them.

In current social media setting it is very easy to get lost in technology and get distracted from real issue at hand. The most important thing in the conversation is what other person is saying. So be a good listener. Don’t let anything take you away from it.

A YouTube video – “Can We Auto-correct Humanity?” tells how technology is distracting us from real conversation:

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