Reduce Your Load Of Things You Have

People always com plain that they need this thing or that thing. It is OK to desire for more things. Question to understand is that, do you need all those things. There is rule called 80/20 rule which means that we only use 20% of things we own or have. So what we do with 80% of things. Those are things which create clutter and negative vibes in our lives.

Ask yourself a question what you need right now at this moment, not one hour, one week, or one month from now. Then proceed to get rid of things you do not need at present. That will streamline your life. Even if there is no other reason, just get rid of things to make a room for more new things to come.

You can get rid of them by giving away to needy or sell it by various means and in the process make some money. There is nothing wrong with getting extra money. Use money as a vehicle to give you options to make your as well as people’s (you care about) lives better. That will increase your happiness.

“35 Things To get Rid Of To Declutter Your Life”
a YouTube Video gives some ideas what you can get rid of:

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