Recognize The Gift In Each Situation

Whatever happens in life, any situation that comes in your life, has a meaning. Actually it is gift for you. Accept it as a gift. Always acknowledge it as a gift. If it is not that great situation, learn a lesson from it. If it is good enjoy it.

It is not important what UNIVERSE throws at you, but crucial thing is what you think of it and how you respond to that particular situation. It is important what you think of any situation, when it presents itself in your life. If you think of it negatively, it keeps getting more and more negative till it becomes unsolvable. On the other hand if you take it as an isolated anomaly in your life and take a proper action when it is a small situation, you can take care of it and it will never become a problem. More over there is no such thing as a problem. It is always a situation. Any situation is solvable and can be taken care of.

Now consider every situation as a gift from Universe and make the best of it. Turn it into a positive lesson. Then there is nothing else but look ahead for better changes in your life to make anyone envious of you as for as happiness and progress. Though that should not be your aim in life. Always try to be on positive side of the equation of life.

A YouTube video, “How To Turn Negative Vibes into Positive Fuel” by Marie Forleo, gives a simple way to turn negative vibes to positive one. If You believe that it will help, and then it will help, it all depends on what you think!

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