Punjabis Wake Up To Reality around You

With all things happening in Punjab, I am appalled to see that people there are not still waking up to the reality. All our leaders are sucking blood of people by accepting bribes and doing illegal and immoral things. Why are we accepting them as our leaders? Why we did not used our electoral system to get rid of cancer which is killing our society slowly but surely. Here are some things to be considered. Educate the people as to what is really wrong. Educate them to use their voting power to get rid of leaders who are cancer of society. Bring the leaders who prove themselves worth their salt. I am sure if that happens Punjab can be number one not only in INDIA but also in world! I know it can happen. There is large enough chatter all over the world about it, but we need to discern and people need to wake up about it. Say NO to drugs,they are killing us as a community!

Here is wakeup call song from Face Book about it. Listen and discern:

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