Play Game Of Life In Simplest Terms

All successful people have one thing in common. They make going through life in simplest form. They play the game to win, while unsuccessful people play with the attitude called not to lose. Winners are simply playing the game and giving it all to the play. Their attitude is to play the best possible. They never think about losing and they always win. Losers keep on concentrating on how not to lose. Their thinking make them lose. They never think about the play itself.

Same goes for everything else in life. In achieving any goal for you if think about completing it successfully and not spend time in thinking on how not to let yourself fail in it, you will succeed. It does not matter what your goal is. It may be making money or obtaining happiness, it all works in the same way.

A YouTube Video on – “How to develop a Winning Attitude Pt 1?” explains the effect of attitude on the outcome:

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