Place Of Integrity And Honesty In Character

Character is considered as a combination of number of things like integrity and honesty. Both these factors are important part of what a person is. When people lack these things, they become cheaters, gossipy, liars and manipulators of other people. If they think you are an obstacle in their way, they will go after you with everything they got. They will use their above characteristics to have their way. They can be really injurious to your success.

Such person should be avoided especially if you cannot deal with their qualities. Stay away from them. Chose your friends foes very carefully so that your success in achieving your goals and dreams is not jeopardized. If it is YOU who is lacking in these qualities, correct these deficiencies. It is vital for your character and who you are.

A YouTube video on “Integrity and Honesty: Scientology Tools for Life” gives a view on integrity and honesty:

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