Perpetual Victim Mentality People

People who consider themselves as victims all the time should also be aware of so that they do not hinder your success. These people think themselves as perpetual victims. They look at their own circumstances and mistakes and find someone else, like their boss, their parents, teachers or friends to blame for it, to be in their life. These people once you recognize them should be avoided from your existence especially you are unable to help them. Once you are on the look for them you should be able to spot them.

Alternatively, listen to such a victim and offer to help. But make it very clear to victim that he or she need to correct their thinking and stop blaming everyone else and take ownership of things happening in their life. Do it as delicately as you can.

A YouTube video “Dealing with a “Victim Mentality”: Emotional Freedom in Action” by Judith Orloff MD:


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