Perception At First Encounter

It is very common for your brain to make a judgment on other people based on the first impression and them in certain category in your brain. Then your behavior or interaction towards that person is based on that. It is not your fault that brain decides that way. It is based on the past experiences you have. Brain receives thousands bits of information every moment and it puts them into different categories based on past experience, before you react and response to information.

If person you are meeting first time, your brain will decide based on:

• How that person is dressed.
• His accent.
• Way he walks.
• General appearance.
• Sometimes race, gender.etc

There is no specific reason for this except quick filing system of your brain. This is done to stop it from overloading and fail, just like a computer hard drive.

So that you don’t become the target of someone else’s brain judgment you must do the following:

Dress appropriately.
Be a pleasant personality.
Wear a smile.
Make eye contact.
Firm handshake.
Be attentive to what other person says and so on.

It will give you fighting chance as far as first impression is concerned. It is part success principles. Good first impression perception will help you in whatever goal you want to accomplish.

Here Nihraka gives you her opinion about how to make good first impression:

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