Perception Affects Our Success

We all feel differently based on our perception. One individual may have feeling of lack or abundance based on what we perceive the circumstances to be. I just read a story written by a friend in my FB group. It will prove my point of perceiving.

Storey is about 3 blind men. They asked to see an elephant to find about how an elephant looks. They were brought in a place where a tamed elephant was kept. They were given a chance to feel the elephant so that they can tell how elephant looks to them. First person touched the trunk of elephant. He said elephant is like a log of wood. Second blind person felt the leg of the elephant he said elephant is like a pillar. Third individual felt tail of elephant, it is like a broom. Each person had felt different part of body of the same elephant and thought it to be a different form. They were all correct based on how they perceived it.

Wayne Dyer said, “The way we look at things, can change the way we perceive things” This can be easily explained by Quantum Physics. Consider everything around us is made of nano(sub-atomic) particles. When we look at things we send a vibration of either feeling of lack or of abundance, which changes the things we look at and hence it changes our perception of things. Universe is filled both success(feeling of abundance) and failure(feeling of lack) available to us. It gives us based on how we perceive the things around us. If we perceive them with feeling of lack we get failure and if we look at them with feeling of abundance then we become successful in everything we do.

Success comes to us by sending to universe feeling of abundance. Whatever vibrations we send out same ones come back to us. So to be successful we need to think of abundance, not lack of it. How you do that is subject for another post.

Watch this National geographic video to understand how we perceive things.

National Geographic: Test Your Brain Episode 2… by procrastinator87

To keep you informed about my next post leave the information in comment. In the meantime think positively.

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