People Who Lie Can’t Be Depended Upon

People lie all the time. Sometimes their lie may be innocuous and it may be downright harmful towards succeeding in your goals

Reason behind the thought is you never know what to make of the conversation with such person. You can’t depend and believe their word. They lie to you about what other people are saying about you. They also turn around and say false things about you to others.

Listening to a liar and acting on the information they give you can be disastrous for your success. So recognize the people who lie and be prepared to discern before believing what they say. I am not saying don’t believe anyone. Saying goes like this, “Your eyes and ears can deceive you.” So you have to be cognizant of what you are perceiving is factual. If you can do that it will be very helpful in achieving your goals.

A YouTube Video “Do Dirty People Lie More?” from DNews gives reasons and basis for why people lie:

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