Pay Attention And Be In The Present

Almost everyone keeps thinking about what happened in their life in the past. They keep themselves in rut all the time because of that way of thinking. Let us think realistically, you cannot change what happened to you in the past. It is already passed. You cannot time travel to past and correct. It only happens in the movies. It is beyond your control. So let us lay it to rest and step forward in our lives.

As far as future is concerned it is beyond your radar at the current time. You cannot leap forward and change it to make it better for you in the future. Though you can make it better in future if you plan ahead for future at the current time. That only leaves us a choice of understanding and changing our present situations.

Since we mostly worry about our past and future and spend most of thinking time being miserable with the same feeling. To improve our lives we need to concentrate on our present. We should pay our one hundred percent attention to our present condition and take steps to correct whatever we need to change our outlook. Once we modify our thinking from living in the past and be in the present, we enable a wave of changes in our current life and thereby also positively impact our future.

So to be the best you can be, live in present to make your FUTURE BRIGHT.

Smart tips – Enjoy the present moment by Dr. Bob Uslander’s video have his on the subject as follows:

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