Negative Emotions To The Rescue

Usually everyone thinks that negative emotions will derail you and you must have positive emotions to counteract them. But sometimes it is not true.

Let us see, if I can clarify it. Suppose you get a negative emotion and you do not feel right about it. All that means is that your feeling is telling you that is not what you want. Don’t be afraid of the negative emotions. They help you focus on what you want. They also clarify what you really want. Just concentrate on that thought. Take action based on your clarified thought. Success is waiting for your action so that it can give you results you desire. Just remember without action there is no success. It does not matter whether you have negative or positive feeling; it is the action which will brings you success.

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Business Finance and Efficiency

Lot of businesses are started every year. About whooping 95% of them fail. It is not that they do not want to succeed. Most of these people are very hardworking people. They are trying their best.

Most of them fail because they do not:

  • Plan
  • Have Leadership skills
  • Product customer want
  • Proper finance cushion they need
  • Analyze the progress and adapt
  • Increase efficiencies as they go
  • Create traffic  and demand for product or service
  • Create value in customer eyes
  • Over deliver
  • Follow up and follow through
  • Make customer feel comfortable with process
  • Learn what customer really wants

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Teachability Index In Realation To Success

After understanding discussion on who you listen to, the next step in process of success is teachability Index. It has to b at the highest level to be able to succeed.

What is teachability index? It has two parts:

• Willingness to learn
• Willingness to change

You have to be open minded to what is being told to you. It does not matter how farfetched it may seem to you at the current time or in present situation. That does not mean you have to agree with that also. Just be an open minded to listen to it, then discern on it to see if that scenario can be applied to your situation.

Once you find that it can be applied to your situation and in a way that can make you achieve what you intend to, then you should be ready and willing to apply to your situation. In short you should be willing to change and adapt to the situation as needed.

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Who Are We?

This is very important question. Let’s delve into the subject and find some answers. Even though we belong to the animal kingdom on the tree of evolution, what differentiate us from rest of the animals? The biggest factor here is that we have mind and thinking power much more developed than other species. Our mind has two stages, Conscious mind and subconscious mind. Subconscious mind controls the automatic processes of our bodies. Conscious mind always trying to figure out various situations in our lives. It sets us apart from the rest by giving us capability of creation. We are value Creators. To be successful we need to use our conscious mind and develop the habit of value creation in everything we do. More we adapt to the concept of value creation, the more successful we will become.

There are few steps which will help us become value creators:
• Observation of whole picture of any situation.
• Integration of various data which we find during observation into pieces of picture.
• Putting various pieces together to solve a puzzle and in the process become value creators.
• Seeing whole picture together and draw inferences using conscious thinking.
That is what makes different from rest of the animal species. Value creation is what makes us human so that we can serve others. More we serve, more successful we become!

Here is how Alexandre Magninis trying to give you example of value creation in a YouTube video

Secret To Success From Earle Nightingale

Cheerful expectancy and Hoping or wishing something is going to happen, are two different things. Success does not come from looking through colored glasses. When you know it is going to occur, it is only because of cheerful expectancy. It comes from having knowledge obtained by studying your field, whether it’s Internet marketing or medical field and completely immersing yourself in it. Knowledge gives you confidence. Confidence motivates you and you feel like taking action to succeed.

If you want to be an expert on anything, you have to give it at least an hour a day for reading up on it consistently. Knowledge gives you the confidence and belief to have that positive expectancy, which in turn determines your results.

My Punjab

I want to write about the Punjab as I remember. Better yet here is video posted by Sipa Behalpuria in FB below:

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Seven

Topic today for me is “LAW OF ATTRACTION” Basically law of attraction states that when you think about any circumstance, you send out vibrations representing that thought to universe and in return you get back to you a similar vibration from the universe. It means like attracts like vibrations. So whatever r you put out to the universe, it turns around and sends same things back to you. It is similar to farming. What crop seed you put in ground same crop grows. If you sow wheat grains, you get wheat and if you sow Datura seeds it will grow Datura plant. One is edible and other is a poison.

No let us visualize that you get into an accident. To find why it happened to you, think what you were thinking about little while before that. If you think hard enough you will find out that you were thinking about something which gave you the same feelings which you had after accident. Thought might have come to your mind a moment before, a week before or a month before, it does not matter. Fact is you surely think about something which gave you the same feelings that you felt after accident.

Fact is universe have both kind of vibrations, positive as well as negative. To have abundance in your life, you need to replace the feelings of lack from your life. You can not eliminate the negative feeling that easy. You should start thinking about positive thoughts. Universe will match your vibrations and start sending you positive vibrations. You will start thinking more and more positive thoughts. As your ball of positive energy becomes bigger and bigger, you will start feeling the changes happening in your life. You will have abundance in your life. Feelings of lack will go away. You will be changed person.

There is lot more to law of attraction than a little explanation I gave above. That I will like to save for later blogs. If you are interested to know more please leave your contact info in comment. I will be happy to follow up through your email.

Below I have added a YouTube video with some other person’s perspective on “LAW OF ATTRACTION”

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Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Six

I immigrated to USA with very little finance and no one knowing me. I landed at Kennedy airport in New York. After completing customs and immigration procedure I started to look for ways to survive in a place where I was completely stranger.

I asked few to taxi drivers about how I can find about someone I know. No one gave me any satisfactory answer. Someone just then told me look in telephone book. I didn’t even know what telephone book was at that time. After struggling for about an hour, I found out what telephone book was. I finally started looking in it to see if any name I may know is listed in it.

I saw a name in it that sounded like name of person from my village. I never knew in my wildest dreams it could be same person. I gathered enough courage in me to call him and ask if he is the right guy. I told him who I was. Such a coincidence could not have happened unless GOD was looking out for me. He was the same person. As I said someone up there was looking out for me on that day.Since then I am a firm believer in the GOD.

I am so grateful to him for taking me in at that time. I do have relationship with his family and they will always have a place in my heart. With one act of kindness, I am indebted to them for rest of my life.

Rest is all history. My life had been very successful. This year I retired as a pharmacist. Now I am paying it forward and will help any person under the same circumstances. That is another reason I started to blog. God bless his soul, he recently left us for heavenly abode.

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Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Five

Today I will like to write about how to motivate you and be successful by just doing one thing that can make the difference in success cycle. Drum roll …….. TAKE ACTION!!!! Most of people fail because they do not take action and do not follow through after making a decision. A decision has no significance if you do not act; it is just a pipe dream.

Once you set a goal or objective, collect needed information on how you can achieve it. Then make a plan and act on it. The plan has to be based on information. It need not be perfect. Any plan based on current information is good enough, because if you keep waiting for perfect plan, it will not be perfect by the time you are ready with it. The reason with the passing of time demographics of any situation change and the plan which you made for original circumstances is not a perfect anymore.

You must take action within 48 hours of making a decision. It is always OK to modify the plan while you are taking an action. That is why successful take action while unsuccessful people still thinking about the process. Achievers act on their thought right away. Initial success even if a small one motivates you to take more action and bring you closer to your next goal. It builds up momentum, which charges you up like a forest fire. Next time you make a decision …… TAKE ACTION!
Here is video showing some people who took action:

Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day Four

Things that most people don’t know about me.

• Most people may not know my religious preference. I AM A SIKH, one with beard and turban. That is the only thing people may not know about me, rest is all open book. Since I came in 1975, I cut my beard and shaved my beard to fit in the society looks. I have been on New York City for most of my time in America. People have known me as caring, little hard headed sometime, but for the right reasons. I worked as a compassionate and responsible pharmacist since my arrival here. I retired in the beginning of this year and have decided to return to my original form with beard and turban. My affiliation will always remain with my country as a US Citizen. Mother country has its own place but country where you blossom to who you are will always comes first. I will show my picture in various groups like LinkedIn and FB etc soon.
• In this post I will tell who we are as Sikhs to educate the public. Please see video at the end of this post.
• Some day someone might think I am set in my ways. That is because I follow principles of my religion. Which are: There is one super being, even though every religion gives it different name. All are created equal. God never creates an imperfect specimen. Remember humans are created in his image. We are all unique. Men and women, both should be treated with respect and dignity. We believe in everyone caring for each other as a community, that is the reason in our every temple of Sikhs (Gurdwara – The house of GOD) food is served to all without consideration of that person’s religious alliance. Every person is welcome in our temples. There is lot more to tell about me as a Sikh, but I will leave that for some later posts.
I care deeply for the poor and the ones whom society didn’t treat well. This is where my giving back to society comes. That is my way of paying it forward by starting my blog.
• The order in which I prefer to cater to the society is family first, extended family along with my close friends second, people I personally know third and all others fourth in ladder. I always consider the urgency of need in all these matters.

Here is video which will show you all what Sikhs are all about:



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