Negative Emotions Don’t Worry Be Happy

When you feel broken down that is the time stay consistent with your efforts. It feels bad. Look like everything you do to better your life goes on the wayside. In spite of your trying so hard you are getting nowhere.

My mentor said, “If you look at the current situation you are in, 10 years from now it will seem insignificant. Then you will feel happy looking back and say it was not that bad. So when you are in tough spot like that, open champagne now and be happy. Universe will resolve your situation”. Boy O Boy was he right! I have been in similar situations plenty of time and every times his word proved him right.

Why is that? Before I go into explaining the reason, here is another quote to give you an idea. “A fish does not turn back till it hits its nose on the stone bank of river.” When you are hit with b ad situation again and again, because universe keep giving you more of same, you reach a point that you can not accept it any more. This is when you get AHA moment and start picking the pieces together. Your desperation turns into an action. Do not give up at that time. You have already fallen as low as you can. Only thing that can happen is upward from now on. If you get up and take responsibility than universe will get out of your way. You will definitely succeed now. Most of people give up at this point and that is why they fail. You have to become determined to succeed, because that is what differentiates between losers and winners. Psych yourself by telling that you are a winner. You are a champion. You will see a change in you which will create circumstances, events and bring people in your life. Universe will support you just because you put forth an effort.

See video below for real life desperate situations:

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