Monitor Your Emotions

Nature has provided humans with a radar system of our own. It is called gut feelings. Some among us are have natural understanding of it without knowing how it is happening. They may not know how and why they find out what is going on before it happens, but they do. If they consider how they feel about a situation when they are going into it and follow their emotions at that time their decision is usually right.

We can develop that trait of us so that we can have that universal guidance every time. Since feelings are vibrations and are physical in nature. They are capable of attracting similar vibes back to us – A quantum physics principle. What we should do is understand that feeling and act on that feeling and let universe guide us into right circumstances. This feeling arise in your Solar flexes and is called Gut feeling (intuition). More we start monitoring it, more proficient we will become in understanding it. Women are in a different state than men as regards to this phenomenon. They are better equipped hormonally than men to have gut feeling.

As we understand gut feelings and learn to harness them they can help us make decisions. These feelings are the vibrations which universe sends to you from circumstances beyond your radar screen to guide you to your right path. Let us listen to it and obtain success which we all deserve.

The video I included from YouTube is little less vibrant, but please stick with till end. It has a lot of lessons you can learn. It is real story of Magnus Walker’s life. Go with gut feelings by Magnus Walker Video tell a story about GUT FEELING and how it affected his life:

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