Mistakes Are Results Of Your Action And Are Needed To Succeed

Some time when you make a decision and take an action, you may fail. Don’t get into despair and feel bad about it. Instead consider it as what it is. Consider it as a proof that you found one more way it won’t work. Mr. Thomas Edison when tried to invent a light bulb failed thousand times and every time he failed he said he found successfully another way it won’t work. He did not consider his failure of experiment as his failure. In end he became successful. If you fail in anything try again; chances are that you will succeed. Don’t ever give up. You may stumble and fall down on the way to success, so long you get up one more time you will be successful.

Only reason anyone fails anytime is when they give up trying.

These people would not become so successful if they had given up. Famous failures in our history are depicted in this YouTube video below:

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