Medicinal Supplements Summit 2016 Day 4

Personalized medicine is knowledge.

The Medicinal Supplements Summit began on September 12th, and tens of thousands learned from the expert wisdom so important to using supplements for boosting energy, losing weight, beating stress, improving brain function and healing your body!

Were you there?

The Medicinal Supplements Summit is dedicated to helping you:
• Determine what supplements you need
• Separate the “claims” from the truth
• Customize supplements to your body’s needs
• Make proper decisions at the store or online
• And more!
If you’re just hearing about it, there’s still time to gain access to all of the expert talks!
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Here is roster of today’s speakers:


Ben Greenfield, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Top Performance-Enhancing Supplements

  • Biohack your way to better fitness
  • Ben’s favorite protein powder

Surprising supplement that can improve performance!




Michael Morelli, CPT, RKC, OPT, CF-L1, NLP

Protein Powder Pitfalls

  • The proper way to use proteins
  • Young adults and fitness

Ideal protein intake amounts pre- and post-workout


Jonathan Bailor

Best and Worst Weight Loss Supplements

  • Supplements to avoid when trying to lose weight
  • Are top-selling supplements the ones to take?

Weight loss supplements you should try


Niki Gratrix, mBANT, CNHC

Supplements for Supercharged Energy

  • Supplements to avoid if you want long-term energy
  • Can synthetic supplements negatively impact energy?

How food-based supplements provide “photonic” living energy


Jimmy Moore

Supplements for a Ketogenic Diet

  • Aid weight loss and prevent/improve from disease
  • Best supplements to enhance ketones

Ways to measure ketones (and signs you’re in ketosis!)


Deanna Minich, PhD

Best Detox Supplements

  • Best and worst detox methods
  • Detox supplements to avoid

Top 10 supplements to aid detox

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